Hedgespur To Transform Into A Full DAO Governed By NFT Holders

A couple of weeks ago, some history buffs raised more than $40 million via a crypto crowdfunding mechanism called a DAO with the goal of purchasing an original copy of the U.S. Constitution, offering cryptocurrency tokens that would let the holder vote to do, well, something with it.

Now a group is trying to catch that zeitgeist wave to raise $5 million to buy the video rental zombie brand Blockbuster and turn it into a crowd-governed streaming movie-rental service — and eventually a “powerhouse in the future of the film industry.”

Now, we move to DAOs. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that works toward a specific function. DAOs were created to be autonomous organisations providing governance.

Hedgespur is on a mission to building a vibrant, decentralized community powered by DAO governance, where everyone can contribute to the future success of crypto projects.

We will be announcing our new DAO and the Roadmap in a future Medium Post.

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We Accelerate & Give Momentum To #Blockchain Startups

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We Accelerate & Give Momentum To #Blockchain Startups

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